"Dream Denim" Jackets by Cheyenne Parker. 
This one of a kind custom denim jacket service is exclusive to Maison Parker and will only be available for a limited time.
How it works: 
1. We ship you 3 vintage denim jackets that are hand-selected by the designer.
2. You choose the jacket that fits you best.
3. Pick your color story for embroidery, embellishments, and hand painting.
Once, you've made your selections, send back the jackets and we get to work on a truly unique collaboration between you and the Artist!!
***This opportunity to collaborate with the artist become the design a one of a kind custom look is limited. All orders require a deposit, failure to return initial shipment results in forfeiture of deposit. Please allow 1 month for delivery of final product. Any delay in returning your selection will effect the turn around date.***

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